Green Design

Bamboo Flooring
There is no question that bamboo is a renewable resource, it’s a grass and grows very fast. Click here to expand and read more.
Eco Friendly Paints
With homeowners becoming increasingly aware about indoor air quality, it's good to know that Hotel Floyd applies the GreenSure designation to its environmentally preferred products. Click here to expand and read more.
GeoThermal Technology uses the earth's renewable energy, just below the surface, to heat or cool a building, and to help provide hot water. Click here to expand and read more.
Onity Energy System
Smart energy management can be key to conserve on electricity. Click here to expand and read more.
Sustainable Fabrics
No Hotel or company is truly "sustainable" yet. Click here to expand and read more.
Eco Friendly Soaps
All of our soaps and shampoos are eco-friendly! Also, the paper used to wrap the soap is recycled. To find out more about the soaps contact Greenwich Bay at (800) 323-1209.
Low Flush Toilets
Hotel Floyd's shower heads and toilets are the latest in low water use appliances. Click here to expand and read more.
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